My first YouTube video is up!

I finally did it — I uploaded my first nurse workout video on YouTube! This is a big milestone for me for several reasons: a) It’s been on my mind for the longest time, and b) I kept over-thinking how I wanted the video done and how perfect the video needed to be.

The truth is, productivity matters more than perfectionism. I have been a perfectionist basically all my life. I’ve eased up a lot since I started working as a new graduate nurse, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Yet I’m still working on keeping those perfectionistic tendencies down to a minimum so it doesn’t take over my life.

So my one take away message before I post my video is this. Just get it done. Any project you are working on will be refined and will get better over time. That is the beauty of the process. Seeing progress towards any goal (fitness, career, etc.) is empowering and keeps you striving for more. The more you strive for perfection, the less likely you are to learn and grow.

Without further ado, here is my workout video! A low-impact, total body beginner workout made specifically for nurses that can be done anywhere! Please leave a comment below if you liked my video and would like to see more. Thank you so much!

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