Got 5 minutes? Here’s a workout for you.

For the longest time, steady state physical activity (low to moderate intensity exercise performed for long periods of time at a consistent pace) was considered the ultimate strategy for weight loss. Time and time again, I will still hear about this idea. Ate a big dinner? Run for 5 miles! Had a dessert you weren’t supposed to? Bike for hours!

Nowadays, the introduction of high intensity interval training (HIIT) has changed the tide of fitness. CrossFit style workouts, Tabata exercises, and HIIT training is wildly popular on YouTube, and people are able to lose weight, gain muscle, and increase aerobic capacity while working for shorter periods of time.


Because nurses are always short on time, I’ve created a low impact, 5-minute workout that works your major muscle groups and will leave you sweating at the end!

For this workout you will need sliders (I personally love using Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders), but paper plates and hand/face towels work perfectly well also!

Before you start your workout, read this:

Tabata workouts are high intensity and require a decent level of aerobic fitness to perform safely. If you are not comfortable with this intensity level, take a look at my previous blog post to try a beginner level HIIT workout first:

Feedback is always welcomed! Give this workout a try and let me know what you think in the Comments section below, or send me a private message through my Contact page! Thank you so much for reading, and do not forget to tag #UnbreakableNurse in your social media posts to raise awareness in this movement to fight nurse burnout!


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McCall, P. (2015, July 30). Steady state vs. interval training: Which one is best for your clients? Retrieved from

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