Nourish your mind with productive thoughts

Hello everyone! I know that I have been steering away from workout posts lately. I actually wanted to focus more on mental resilience in my upcoming posts because I personally believe that being resilient (in your work, home, and LIFE) begins with having a disciplined mind.

To have a disciplined mind means to be more aware of what is actually going on in our mindsBefore we dive in, I wanted to give credit to the amazing Brooke Castillo on the ideas I will talk about in this post. I discovered Brooke’s podcast The Life Coach School on Google one day. Ever since I heard her podcast on Self-Doubt, I was hooked on her show.

I wanted to talk you about a new practice on “Organizing Your Mind” that I have been implementing for myself recently. In fact, I have teaching my patients about this! Think about this as a workout for your mind.


Take a moment to sit somewhere in a quiet space. It can be outside, inside — as long as you find at least a few minutes of peace.

And then I want you to think about what is going on inside your mind. Brooke describes this practice as thinking of your mind as a house and looking at what different rooms are in this house. There could be a room with things you are grateful for, a room with your biggest plans and ideas, but also a room that contains all of your negative judgments and resentments (towards yourself or others).

Take that time to notice what is in your mind (what rooms are there, what lays inside the rooms), and whether or not you have been hoarding “junk” (i.e. negative thoughts that aren’t productive in any way) in these rooms.

What did you notice?


Did you find a room that was filled with positive self-talk? A room with happy memories?

How many rooms did you see that were clouded with thoughts related to negativity, fear, and doubt?

Once you are done noticing the rooms that are in your house, it is up to you to decide which thoughts you want to keep. Which thoughts you want to cultivate. And which thoughts you want to get rid of.

This brings to mind a similar practice that I use for tidying my home. Thanks to one of the Attending Psychiatrists at my work, I learned about the book Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

Marie teaches that everything in your home should bring you joy, and if it does not then it should be trashed. Donated. Recycled. Out of your personal space.

Why not utilize the same practice for your mind?


I challenge you all to try this… at least once this day, once this week, once this month… Take a look into your mind and see what thoughts you are nourishing in your “home”. What rooms you have in your “house”. Are you fostering negative thoughts repetitively, making them grow like weeds inside your house?

Or are you nourishing your mind with productive, action-based thoughts? In a clean, tidy space? Free of worry, doubt, and fear?

Let me know if this has been helpful for you like it has been for me! And please, check out Brooke’s podcast at!

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