10 ways to overcome emotional eating

Congratulations -- You are Charge Nurse today. And you have no regular staff. In fact, you are working short, and you have no secretary. Plus, the staff you do have are from registry or float pool, and you have 5 admissions coming. What do you do? These scenarios happen. More often than you'd like. From my … Continue reading 10 ways to overcome emotional eating

Never forget your “why”

My mission for this blog is to provide tools that nurses need to be more resilient at work, especially because of the challenging work we do daily. But I often forget the reason why I decided to become a nurse in the first place. As an inpatient psychiatric nurse, I easily get caught up in … Continue reading Never forget your “why”

Can’t we all just get along?

Are there days on the unit when you have a disagreement with someone and just want to settle a conflict like this? Up to this day, conflict resolution and communicating effectively with others continues to be challenging. Not just for me, but for many nurses. In fact, for basically everyone! I hear it time and … Continue reading Can’t we all just get along?

Psych nursing & the power of questions

I wanted to slowly delve into the "secret world" of psychiatric nursing... I say "secret" because I literally did NOT know ANYTHING about psychiatric nursing until I actually went through my psych clinical rotation in nursing school. I hardly learned anything of it in high school to college (besides, maybe, Nurse Ratched). When I went … Continue reading Psych nursing & the power of questions