Getting started is the most difficult part of the journey. You’ve already taken the first and most challenging step–the decision to improve your health! With the right amount of knowledge, commitment, and action, we can get healthier and more resilient together.

To best prepare you for your wellness journey, read this post in its entirety to boost your confidence and increase your chances of success. In particular, it is important to be mindful of both your Mental Preparedness and Physical Preparedness.

Mental Preparedness

Before you start your wellness journey, realize that there will always be ups and downs.

Accept that you may not always feel up to working out or eating healthy, and that it is perfectly okay to be human. We want to be goal-oriented, but remember — the goal is not perfectionism, but progression.

For me to get mentally prepared to improve my health, I sought more knowledge. I personally enjoyed listening to podcasts and listening to audio books, especially during my commute to work. Below are my top choices in books and podcasts that I have read and listened to; each have contributed tremendously to developing my own inner strength. Through these books and podcasts, I learned to be more resilient against emotional setbacks, and also learned how to overcome mental barriers such as doubt, anxiety, and fear.

Podcasts I highly recommend:

Books/Audio books I highly recommend:

Reading, listening, and learning more will do wonders in helping you take control over your life, especially when it comes to managing any emotional barriers that may hinder your progress along the way.

Physical Preparedness

On this website, I have nurse-specific workouts that are easy to do anywhere you go (whether it is at home or at work). Although you can perform many of the exercises with your own bodyweight, the use of resistance equipment is crucial for increasing your strength gains. Below are fitness tools that I personally use and recommend myself. These tools are not only affordable and challenging for workouts, but also extremely portable for travel. With just the tools below, you already have enough equipment to build your own home gym!


    • Exercise Mat – An exercise mat is an essential tool for doing floor-based workouts, especially ab exercises or stretches. A durable mat is important for long-term usage over time. I highly recommend the BalanceFrom Go Yoga Exercise Yoga Mat due to its slip-resistant properties as well as its portability with a free yoga strap! It is also 1/2 inch thick, which is great for cushioning your joints during floor-based exercises.

    • Dumbbells – Dumbbells are a classic workout tool that should be included in every home gym! They can be used as a source of a resistance for basically every bodyweight movement and are light enough to carry on the go. I use a pair of 5 lb. CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells at home because they are not only inexpensive, but effective!

    • Sliders – “Sliders” are basically any type of device you can use during a workout that slides easily on a hard surface. They are a great tool for building total body strength with low impact movements! I love incorporating them into my workouts, especially for ab exercises. Although you can technically use paper plates or hand/face towels for these purposes, Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders are affordable, long-lasting, and can be used on several different surfaces including carpet and hard floors. I love to use Elite Core Sliders for my own workouts at home–trust me, they are more challenging than they look!

Putting it all together

After reading the post above, check out my Workouts section for strength and cardio workouts you can do that will specifically benefit you and your work as a nurse. These workouts are tailored to prevent injuries and also increase muscular endurance and strength to perform your work efficiently and effectively. Nursing is also an extremely stressful, high-paced job with a demanding work environment. Read my Stress Relief strategies section for ideas on how to combat burnout and compassion fatigue (to read about the difference between burnout and compassion fatigue, click here). Finally, for additional knowledge, check out the Fitness section for up-to-date information about fitness from research studies and more!

Getting healthy does not have to be complicated. But starting your wellness journey requires an adequate amount of preparation through knowledge, the dedication and tenacity to stay committed, and putting everything together into action. For any questions or to communicate with other nurses who are also getting started, join my Facebook community Unbreakable Nurses!

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