Taking excellent care of our patients starts with taking excellent care of ourselves.

And taking care of ourselves IS possible. With enough knowledge, commitment, and action, anything is possible.

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As a registered nurse in an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital, I’ve worked night shifts and day shifts; I’ve precepted float nurses, new hires, nursing students; and I am often Charge Nurse as one of the “senior nurses” on the floor. Additionally, I maintain several off-the-floor leadership duties in several committees and performance improvement projects.

With all the hats we carry in our work place day by day (no matter if you are on the floor, in administration, or in the outpatient setting), I believe strongly in nurse wellness. Workplace stress continues to be identifed as the number one health and safety hazard by nurses (according to the 2013-2016 ANA Health Risk Appraisal findings).

To create a healthy nurse is to create a resilient nurse. The idea of nurse resilience has been growing over the past few years. And this is the heart of my mission.

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My Mission

My mission is to empower nurses with the tools they need to become stronger, happier, and more resilient.

Through my blog and other social media platforms, you will find these tools, which are based on my 3 core components towards wellness:

    • Knowledge – Prior to mastering any new skill, one must learn the appropriate knowledge to do so. Follow my blog for workouts made just for nurses, education on healthy eating habits, stress relief strategies, and current research articles about fitness.
    • Commitment – With knowledge and planning comes making the commitment to follow through with your goals. We can only achieve our goals by making the choice to commit to a healthier life for our patients, our co-workers, and most importantly for ourselves.
    • Action – With enough knowledge and planning, and after making the decision to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle, the final step is acting and putting in the work to become well and to become resilient.

Nursing is a challenging profession, both physically and emotionally. We are expected to do so much, yet are left with so little. We are expected to constantly give, and make the most of perilous situations.

This is our time to give ourselves the care and respect that our bodies deserve. I am here to help you do this. Follow me on the path to wellness and happiness, to unbreakability as a truly #UnbreakableNurse.

Because nursing is a tough profession; but we are tougher.

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My Certifications
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
ANCC Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
UCLA Extension Fitness Instruction Certificate
Spartan SGX Coach

My Training Modalities Include
Functional Fitness
Obstacle Course Race Training
Endurance Training